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University of Nairobi honoured Jacqueline Aseka not because she is one of the University’s most famous students but because she is considered an outstanding student in the School of Business at the University. She was on Friday awarded the coveted University of Nairobi Award as selected by the Faculty at the University’s annual awards for her versatility and dedication to excellence.

Jacqueline was chosen from a group of other nominees and awarded for attaining the highest marks in all the marketing courses she did. University of Nairobi upholds its promise to use their education for the good of the society through the professional achievements they push their students to attain. The university also pushes learners to contribute towards community service and innovation with the knowledge they attain from their studies at the prestigious University.

The University recognizes these achievements through periodic awards and use this platform to tell the stories of the exceptional alumni who aspire to do great things with the knowledge that they acquire during their time at the University.


Jacque Aseka
An elated Jacqueline receiving her award from a University official
Jacqueline Aseka is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Limited. She is a pleasant and consistent individual to work with. Jacqueline is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits efficiently. Jacque is an asset to the marketing efforts at Limited.

Apart from the leadership role she plays in sales meetings, Jacqueline inspires and motivates other employees as well. She also writes effective training modules for the sales representatives to improve productivity. We, at limited are proud to be associated with Jacqueline Aseka and congratulate her for the award received.