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Business Continuity

We host all data and content in our state of the art data center. We have three data center hosting locations. Two data centers are located in Kenya and a third one in the US.
The 3 data centers have redundant links to both Internet and power backup systems that run for 16 hours incase of a generator failure. Our data centers guarantee you 99% uptime. We have the following services under this category. Some of the services we offer includes;



With the high cost of office space, intermittent power and security concerns, we seek to give you peace of mind through our Colocation Services. Our Collocation services allow multiple clients to host servers and equipment at our Data center. We provide you with rack space, bandwidth, a dedicated public IP address, allowing you to access and manage your resources and power backup.



Colocation options :

Data Backup and Replication

Data Backup Services, allows you to securely backup your data to a secure location on’s network, through your personal and secure local backup link. All your key corporate data can be backed up in an offsite location automatically, giving you peace of mind in case of disaster or loss. Some of the key features include

    1. Configure and manage all aspects of data protection
    2. Service level reporting
    3. Ensure stakeholder transparency with service-level reporting
    4. Scalable data protection
    5. Easily scale your level of data protection as business needs evolve