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The first quarter of 2017 is almost coming to a close. Have you identified the key trends that will dominate the digital world in 2017? It is important to stay updated regularly since the digital dynamics change often. Keeping up with the changing technological advancements is not easy, especially when predictions are being made all the time and it becomes a challenge to know what truly matters. Marketers need to stay ahead in a dynamic digital world. For that reason, below are the must-know digital trends for 2017:

Mobile Apps cannot be ignored

Mobile Apps

For the past few years, Google has emphasized the importance of having a website that can easily be viewed on mobile phones apart from just the standard desktop computer. People have become busier over the years and some people move from one place to another. They have to be up to date with trends. This is where a responsive website comes in. It can easily change the size of the website depending on the device used to access it. A website without a mobile version can easily miss out on potential clients whose only way of access is through a mobile device.

Creative Content is Key


There is a phrase that goes “content is key” which has become more important now than it has ever been. As a marketer wishing to rank a website, creative and ground breaking content is the only way out. Google publishes site rankings based on relevant content for users. It is important to note that there is a lot of content out there competing for attention, therefore incorporating some visual and audio content can help beat the competition.

Paid Ad is becoming the in thing


With more businesses working hard to create a stable online presence, the organic race is increasingly difficult and competitive. The only other choice that may ensure visibility of your site is through a paid ad. Creating an online presence organically is still important, but in order to create a lasting visibility and stay on the edge of competition, paid campaigns become handy.

Social Media is a good marketing tool

Social Media

In order to get people to know about you, you have to be where they are and social media is one such spot. A big percentage of people visit the numerous social media sites regularly. Be there too, and create a lasting impression by interacting with users via posts, hashtag and videos. Users will be hooked when they realize you’re interacting with them and they may soon turn into buyers. Social media helps retain customers, especially if the posts are fun and insightful.

SEO still works!


There are classic SEO techniques such as keyword rich titles, meta descriptions, H1, H2 and content that are still as important in 2017 as they were before. Search engines like Google still use tags to learn what the pages of a site are made up of and to help rank them accordingly. Applying links to inner web pages in still essential to the overall back-linking of the site. The best way to naturally build links to a website is still through helpful articles.

The sole duty of a marketer is to work round the clock to keep current customers and also reach potential customers. The rules of online marketing are still, however, being dictated by the search engines, therefore the above techniques can come in handy. It is, however, important to keep up with the techniques that keep changing. That is the only way a marketer can stay on top of their game!